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“When an Arab announces their homosexuality (if they ever do), the first point of blame will be the parents. The parents will either blame themselves for being too soft or too harsh or exposing them to too many people of the same gender; and others will blame the parents because it must be something that they did that was wrong that created such a person. When they’ve shuffled their mind for an answer and found none, they will blame their child. They will continue to live with the understanding that this is just a phase. And for some, it may be, for others, it may not.”


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There are plenty of gay Arabs who manage to live their lives whilst respecting that other people don’t have to accept their way of life.

This is very important and hope that you take at least this piece of information with you as a non-Arab.



JUNE 1st BOOK RELEASE – Dating Arab Men: Levantine Arabs

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Levantine men from Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Palestine are much more liberal than Gulf Arab Men and much more grounded in traditional male gender roles than North African Arabs. What rules them the most is the role of their mothers in their lives. 

Here’s how Arab mothers treat their baby boys:

# 1 Marriage is the ultimate life goal

Finding the perfect wife is the mother’s ultimate goal. She will teach her son from childbirth that having a good wife is all that matters. For some, that’s not far from the truth. She will most likely pick the woman out because she understands her son best but no woman is ever good enough.

# 2 Boys must be well-fed

It’s all about feeding the man. If you’re not eating, there’s something wrong with you and you’re sick. Nobody likes a skinny man and strength comes from the amount of food you swallow. Of course, every Arab mother will make her baby’s favourite whenever he’s home or whenever he desires.

#3 Men are saints. All their sins are forgiven.

Regardless of religion, culture, customs, traditions and any other regimen under the sun, a Levantine man can do wrong and still be forgiven. Men are the ultimate productions in the Middle East and the Levantines are no strangers to this concept. The man could be a thief and his mother would say it it’s a phase, he could be fat and she’d tell him he was well-fed, he could be under-educated and she’d tell him it’s best because nobody wants a woman smarter than him. Men are raised in this way and this is the reason for their ever-present ego.

#4 She’s the point of reference on life’s big decisions

It starts when they’re teenagers.

“Where are you going?”

“Who are you with?”

“You’re not wearing that”

This progresses to…

“I don’t think you should be with this girl”

“You’re studying medicine, law or engineering. Nothing else”

And finally

“Don’t take that job, it’s too far away from me”

“You’re not marrying this woman and I’ll die before I allow it”