5 Annoying Dating Habits of Middle Eastern Men


They want to have their cake and eat it too. You have to be a clean virgin from a good family but if she doesn’t spend time with you alone or sleep with you, you can find someone else and men often do.

They tell you that you’re making it all about the money when you’re not. And then they make it all about the money. Fancy cars, expensive meals and mansions just to show that their balls are bigger than their brains. Brains anyone?

You’re not even that attractive. You’re crazy. You think you’re special? You’re not. Actually, I was eyeing your friend. Now that I see you up close, I’m not so sure. Arab men are bad losers. You want to keep him eating out of the palm of your hand, you need to make them feel like they have no power over you because they will try their utmost to break down your self-confidence if they feel like they’re not getting what they want from you.

They try and fix you. You’re fat, you’re too white, you’re too dark and this is what you should be doing because I know what’s best for you. Get real. Just because you don’t have a personality, you don’t need to try and grow me one.

They get jealous because of their insecurities. It doesn’t matter how loyal she’s been – if she’s doing it with you, she’s done it with everyone and every man is a target that needs a punch.

She’s well dressed and has a sense of fashion and thats what you feel for in the first place, but suddenly you’re not feeling those mini dresses and shorts anymore. They cover you up in a burqa because you’re “too beautiful.”


Types of Arab Men

You will have no idea who you are dealing with until you read about them.



If the man is a Muslim, which is the religion majority in the GCC, then he’s not dating. And if he’s dating, he’s sinning. These men in particular are so steadfast in their religion that you might never even meet them because they wouldn’t casually hang around women.

Their lives consist of their guy friends, their families and their jobs. They are conservative both in cultural values and traditions, as well as religion. An Arab man that is Muslim and practices his religion and fears God will get to know you in a way that is permissible, such as never being alone with you and getting to know the kind of person you are (honest, trustworthy, not promiscuous, etc.), he will not talk about sex with you and he will not date you, he will marry you and he will do so sincerely with no ulterior motives.



This guy will also ask you to stop seeing your male friends. He’ll want you to feel that he’s protective or jealous and you’re the only woman for him. Consciously, he’ll let slip that he’s always wanted a wife who is easy going or just like you and will say anything, and I mean ANYTHING – I love you and I’m going to marry you, anything to get what he wants. Most likely, this is sex but I have known men who simply want the intellectual stimulation because sex with their wives is great but she just doesn’t give him what he needs. That’s if he tells you he has a wife in the first place.

These men know that most Arab women are looking to put a ring on it so they’ll find a way to convince her he’s her ultimate, absolute match and he’s genuine. He’ll take care of her – he gets her what she needs, asks if she needs anything, maybe date her for a good few months or years, however long it takes to conveniently get what he wants.

Arab men are protective of their women and may get aggressive when prompted. They might use this technique around you just to show you that they actually care. They don’t care. They’re using what they know about you to make you feel like they do. They have big egos and they will big themselves up.  They won’t will never accept their pride being wounded, almost to a fault.



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