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“When an Arab announces their homosexuality (if they ever do), the first point of blame will be the parents. The parents will either blame themselves for being too soft or too harsh or exposing them to too many people of the same gender; and others will blame the parents because it must be something that they did that was wrong that created such a person. When they’ve shuffled their mind for an answer and found none, they will blame their child. They will continue to live with the understanding that this is just a phase. And for some, it may be, for others, it may not.”


Share stories with us to receive your free copy and don’t forget to write a review! Many gay Arabs live in secrecy, are you…



There are plenty of gay Arabs who manage to live their lives whilst respecting that other people don’t have to accept their way of life.

This is very important and hope that you take at least this piece of information with you as a non-Arab.



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