Dating Hot Spots in the UAE

This can be a blanket statement and I could say pretty much any hotel in the UAE and this would be true. Hotels have guests coming in and out. This is the same with Marinas and yacht bays. People come in and out and nobody asks them who they are and who they’re visiting.

Sheeshat Al Gahab, Corniche Road, Abu Dhabi

This translates to “gas station of the bitches”. Yes it’s a vulgar name but this is where men go to pick up women of the looser variety. When GCC men are looking for abaya-claden women, they often find that they aren’t Emirati women at all – Moroccans, Iranians, Indians – they all look like Arabs when they dress in a abaya.

Marina Mall Parking Lot, Abu Dhabi

Guys will drive around here for hours doing absolutely nothing but watching the ladies step down from their cars just to get a chance to talk to them or cat call them. The parking lot is especially effective for meeting up with the conservative types. You can’t be seen in public but the car windows are tinted.

Jumeirah Road, Dubai

This is where it all happens. This where you see the super cars come and go and stop and yell and shout and pick up. Jumeirah Road is still the original pick up spot but Jumeirah beach road seems to be picking up traction. Men from all over the Emirates will come to this road to go “fishing” for women. This is especially happening on the weekends.

OKKU Restaurant, The H hotel, Dubai

A certain night in the week (that shall remain unnamed), this restaurant is a beehive for a specific type of person. Men and men can enjoy a dinner among other men. Sorry, that must have been a typo.

Ajman Beach, Ajman

Ajman, Sharjah, Fujairah, UAQ – all the beaches blend into one but the beach is really the place to be when you want to park your car, grab a coffee and enjoy conversation with Arab women without being questioned.

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