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“When an Arab announces their homosexuality (if they ever do), the first point of blame will be the parents. The parents will either blame themselves for being too soft or too harsh or exposing them to too many people of the same gender; and others will blame the parents because it must be something that they did that was wrong that created such a person. When they’ve shuffled their mind for an answer and found none, they will blame their child. They will continue to live with the understanding that this is just a phase. And for some, it may be, for others, it may not.”


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There are plenty of gay Arabs who manage to live their lives whilst respecting that other people don’t have to accept their way of life.

This is very important and hope that you take at least this piece of information with you as a non-Arab.




Christie J writes: “I’m married to a Tunisian man. We live in the US. Merging the different cultures and religions have not been easy but we are very happy. Many things in this book are true. Some things don’t apply. I’ve enjoyed reading this book and would encourage others to read as well.”

JUNE 1st BOOK RELEASE – Dating Arab Men: Levantine Arabs

After the success of Dating Arab Men: Gulf Arabs, comes the release of Dating Arab Men: Levantine Arabs . Currently available for pre-order, don’t forget to get yours before June the 1st.

Levantine men from Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Palestine are much more liberal than Gulf Arab Men and much more grounded in traditional male gender roles than North African Arabs. What rules them the most is the role of their mothers in their lives. 

Here’s how Arab mothers treat their baby boys:

# 1 Marriage is the ultimate life goal

Finding the perfect wife is the mother’s ultimate goal. She will teach her son from childbirth that having a good wife is all that matters. For some, that’s not far from the truth. She will most likely pick the woman out because she understands her son best but no woman is ever good enough.

# 2 Boys must be well-fed

It’s all about feeding the man. If you’re not eating, there’s something wrong with you and you’re sick. Nobody likes a skinny man and strength comes from the amount of food you swallow. Of course, every Arab mother will make her baby’s favourite whenever he’s home or whenever he desires.

#3 Men are saints. All their sins are forgiven.

Regardless of religion, culture, customs, traditions and any other regimen under the sun, a Levantine man can do wrong and still be forgiven. Men are the ultimate productions in the Middle East and the Levantines are no strangers to this concept. The man could be a thief and his mother would say it it’s a phase, he could be fat and she’d tell him he was well-fed, he could be under-educated and she’d tell him it’s best because nobody wants a woman smarter than him. Men are raised in this way and this is the reason for their ever-present ego.

#4 She’s the point of reference on life’s big decisions

It starts when they’re teenagers.

“Where are you going?”

“Who are you with?”

“You’re not wearing that”

This progresses to…

“I don’t think you should be with this girl”

“You’re studying medicine, law or engineering. Nothing else”

And finally

“Don’t take that job, it’s too far away from me”

“You’re not marrying this woman and I’ll die before I allow it”





Dating Hot Spots in the UAE

This can be a blanket statement and I could say pretty much any hotel in the UAE and this would be true. Hotels have guests coming in and out. This is the same with Marinas and yacht bays. People come in and out and nobody asks them who they are and who they’re visiting.

Sheeshat Al Gahab, Corniche Road, Abu Dhabi

This translates to “gas station of the bitches”. Yes it’s a vulgar name but this is where men go to pick up women of the looser variety. When GCC men are looking for abaya-claden women, they often find that they aren’t Emirati women at all – Moroccans, Iranians, Indians – they all look like Arabs when they dress in a abaya.

Marina Mall Parking Lot, Abu Dhabi

Guys will drive around here for hours doing absolutely nothing but watching the ladies step down from their cars just to get a chance to talk to them or cat call them. The parking lot is especially effective for meeting up with the conservative types. You can’t be seen in public but the car windows are tinted.

Jumeirah Road, Dubai

This is where it all happens. This where you see the super cars come and go and stop and yell and shout and pick up. Jumeirah Road is still the original pick up spot but Jumeirah beach road seems to be picking up traction. Men from all over the Emirates will come to this road to go “fishing” for women. This is especially happening on the weekends.

OKKU Restaurant, The H hotel, Dubai

A certain night in the week (that shall remain unnamed), this restaurant is a beehive for a specific type of person. Men and men can enjoy a dinner among other men. Sorry, that must have been a typo.

Ajman Beach, Ajman

Ajman, Sharjah, Fujairah, UAQ – all the beaches blend into one but the beach is really the place to be when you want to park your car, grab a coffee and enjoy conversation with Arab women without being questioned.

What is Bezness?

Bezness – derived from the English word “business,” is a term coined and used by North African Arabs to describe love or marriage fraud.

It’s unfortunate, but North African Arabs, particularly those from Morocco or Tunisia have developed a reputation for this. Foreign women visiting Marrakesh on holiday who meet the charming tour guide, that dashing young man from Cairo who worked at the trinket shop or that Tunisian intellectual you found online. It’s just Bezness.

Headstrong North African Arabs can woo his often western his sole aim is gaining financial or material benefits. So remember, be skeptical when dealing with these men and move forward with caution. That being said, there are plenty of genuine, well-educated, and wonderful North African Arab men that are exceptional husbands and fathers. Consider all angles before diving in.

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American Consultant Finds Saudi Wife

I’m an American who works in consulting. I was working on a project in Riyadh. I was staying at a hotel in the so-called “haram zone” in Saudi when I walked into the lobby and spotted a group of air hostesses giggling and making their way up – some Asian women, far Easterners, some English. These women wanted it bad. I was single and there really isn’t anything to do in Saudi except watch pre-approved action films and read.

The next day I returned from my day of business, walked into my hotel room and found, I shit thee neigh, a stack of notes with scribbled numbers and messages from what I assumed were the air hostesses with offers of sex. Who would refuse? I’d been out there for weeks and I desperately wanted a woman between my arms but I was also tired of the skank factor.

I headed out to the ‘divided’ McDonalds. The counters are divided by a wall. but I managed to catch a glimpse of a gorgeous Saudi woman in the “family section” looking across. I was gone. You really have no idea how beautiful these women are until you see them up close but I had no idea what to do. I couldn’t let her go.

I listened in as she ordered her big mac. I ordered a Mc.Chicken and my food had arrived. as I took my tray, I had the genius idea of slipping my business card into the burger. Desperate but doable. I did. And she saw it.

She was smart. Fatma told them she had changed her mind and wanted a chicken burger instead. I told the Filipino server that the lady could have mine and I would wait for another. She smiled. It worked.

Fatma called me that night. We spoke for hours. I was obviously into her and over the next few days I knew I wanted her.

I braved the question at work when I asked a Saudi colleagues about dating life in Saudi and whether it was possible to date Saudi women. He didn’t like the question but we were relatively close. He answered with “in theory anything is possible, including your own death. But the reality is even if you converted and showed all the proper respects it’s still highly unlikely the family would accept you as a possible husband for their daughter.” To me, that didn’t mean no.

Over the next few weeks, we arranged our first meet in the car park of a hotel. She hopped into my car. All I wanted to do was touch her. It’s crazy the way you view relationships when you live in a country where you can’t have one without being married. Fatma became sacred and it felt all that more sweeter.


We continued to see each other for months on end. We mostly spoke, we had touched but never been intimate in any way. She was from a conservative family and she herself was conservative. But she was different. She was clean, she was smart and was incredibly beautiful. It drove me wild knowing how brave she was to keep seeing me. I respected her. It wasn’t easy for any of us and worse for her.

My project came to an end and I moved back to New York. But I could never forget Fatma.

We kept in touch; I remained single and months later, she was a family trip to New York. I had to see her every day. With the help of her cousins, she managed to get away from her family group for a few hours a day. We shared our first kiss. I wanted more and more. It was something she couldn’t give me.

Fatma left and I was a broken man. Every day, we spoke and every day, my family and friends warned me about the big bad Saudis and big bad Islam. I didn’t care.

A month later, I flew to Saudi. I got in touch with that colleague of mine and told him I was serious about a girl. He helped me through it. I converted to Islam, met her family (the details of which would take too long to describe) and proposed to Fatma. She accepted.

I can’t explain why her father allowed me to ask for her hand in marriage. He said I was a respectable man with a respectable job but I think he could see that I was a broken man without her. I told him we had met in New York when I saw her at a store and she had forgotten her credit card at the till on the advice of my colleague who is now our good friend.

I commuted for a while and now we both live in New York. Fatma hasn’t changed one thing about herself. The Saudis have a reputation for being overtly and outrageously cray when they travel abroad as the culture is so restrictive but in my experience, the women really know how to hold their own.

Thanks so much for writing a book about Dating Arabs and I can’t wait for Dating Arab Women to be released. I wish people knew how rewarding it is to be with someone from the Gulf. It’s not easy but is sure as hell was worth it.

Thomas Cooper